Park Group General Staying in Singapore as an Expat

Staying in Singapore as an Expat

Singapore as an Expat

After deciding on a new location of serviced apartment, however, expats will face the difficult task of making the house, healthcare, and schooling arrangements. Of course, you should think about it when you are going to select such serviced residence in Singapore. Services apartments are the most attractive accommodation option for traveling workers. There remain a few things although you get the assistance of the relocation provider. So, what should you keep in mind when deciding where to stay? Think about the home away from home? Actually, leaving a home may not be a best decision to deal with, but you have to do it, right? Try to find out the new place to stay, where you will seem to find a second home.

Is the parking essential?

Even though you are in new place to visit, Singapore for instance, your company may facilitate you a vehicle for your mobility. When you have a car, you will need an apartment with parking facilities. For some reasons, free on-site parking can be the ideal choice. However, it asks you to pay the additional charge. Choose the apartment that has parking facility, so you should not spend much more money.

Familiarise yourself with the local supermarkets

Just like staying in your own home, you will need so many items to buy during staying in the apartment. As a business traveller, you may mean to cook foods from the comfort of your apartment, especially when the kitchen facilities provided.

Are pets allowed?

Those who love to take care of the pet may wonder asking such this question. When you choose the wrong apartment, your beloved pooch would end up sleeping on the curb. Important to know, some properties allow the pet, but they may have their own set of policy. Before booking the accommodation (refer to serviced apartment), make sure that you already gain a lot of information, including about the pet stay.

Choose the accommodation in walking public transport distance

If you sometimes don’t want to drive the car due to the certain reason, opt for an apartment close to local bus stops and even train stations. You can save your time, so there will be free of feeling worried about getting late to come to the office or meeting your clients.

It is okay to consider other factors but make sure it will help you making the decision when it comes to narrowing your option. We also suggest you if you can bring your family to stay in the apartment with no additional charge.