Park Group General What You Need to Know About Website Translation?

What You Need to Know About Website Translation?

Website translation is the process of altering an existing website to make it accessible and culturally suitable to the target audience.  If you are marketing to Chinese tourists, it is not only enough to have an English website, it is also essential to have a Chinese version of your website. So, it is essential to find the best website translation agency.

Moreover, about one-third of all internet users are non-native English speakers. Forrester Research reports that visitors remain twice as long (site stickiness) if the website is in their native language.

The translatable material on your website extends from static text to multimedia content such as images, videos, and PDFs. It may also involve translating the onsite SEO elements such as meta title and description.

Do I really need to translate my website at all?

According to research, over 75% of individuals would be more inclined to purchase if they visited a website written in their native language.

Website translation is essential, especially if you are planning to enter an international market. To help you attract new audiences, it is vital to have a written website in a native language.

Translating your website content is not enough. It is also essential to consider your website SEO elements such as alt tags on images, Metadata, and many more.

Types of Website Translation

Do you know that there are various types of website translation? Yes, website translation does not only involve a word-for-word translation of content, but you will learn below that there are three types of website translation services.

Standard Translation

The simplest form of website translation. A webpage translated using standard translation will be nearly reproduced to the source text.


Unlike the standard translation, localisation goes beyond it. It involves ensuring that the content of your website not only conveys your message but also has the same impact on the new target culture. This entails keeping an eye out for any words or phrases that may not translate properly or, worse, may cause offense when repeated in the target language.

Website localisation is important in conveying the right message of the website and it is appropriate for a new target culture.


Sometimes, there are cases where localisation is not enough to capture the audience. A transcreation is needed to create a new brand messaging that is ideal for your new target audience.

Transcreation will ensure that your brand’s personality and message are understood by the new audience.

So, Which Kind Of Services Do You Need?

The type of website translation will depend on your needs and goals. It will also need to consider your budget. For instance, an eCommerce website translation will require a different set of skills.

But based on experience and observation, you will notice that sometimes, you need a combination of three. With the advancement of technology and competition online, you truly need to consider website translation.

Factors To Consider When Translating A Website?

Below are the things that you need to consider before translating your website.

  1. Languages. You need to research and be familiar with what language your customers are using.
  2. Terminology. Keep your website’s terminology as concise and in a simple form as possible. Any phrases or terminology that is culturally distinct may be difficult to understand or even translate.
  3. Branding. It is essential to maintain your brand appearance and feel even you are translating your website.
  4. Media. Aside from textual content, it is also vital to consider your visual media, such as videos, for translation.
  5. Legality. Each country has its own set of regulations for website translation, and it is essential to follow them.